Partners of K2 Hospitality

Technology Partners

At K2 Hospitality, we partnered with leading brand names famous around the world for their unparalleled hospitality and hotelier solutions and considered as one of the best in platforms for superior digital solutions. We have expanded our horizon in order to meet our clientele needs and demands by generating new ideas and technology, so join our partnership program to increase your revenues, leverage established brands, capitalize your brand strength etc. Contact us to know more.

Travel Partners

Our partnership program offers a scalable and flexible platform to help our partners to advertise their online travel portals. When they used to visit our website, you can keep a track of weekly or monthly statistics; reservations made from our site or could offer them deals to do hotel reservations. Get in touch with us to know more about our programs.

Media Partners

Serving into building and maintaining leading brands well known in the hotel industry, our offered partnership programs assist in developing cross promotional opportunities and openings for both firms to tackle and trap each other’s strengths and positives in their respective market, assured ROI’s, leveraging branded names and increasing your revenues. Partner with us and know more about our programs! Do get back to us with your queries and concerns.